Master of Public Health

The program is designed to meet the development needs of professionals working in the field of public health or related fields such as occupational health, environmental health, primary care or health promotion. It is appropriate for those working in health and social care organizations, including health authorities, government departments and health service providers such as hospitals and clinics. The course will also be appropriate for those who wish to pursue a career in academic public health or to learn more about epidemiology and statistics for research or health service evaluation. The program is part-time and cannot be completed in less than three years. Students register for not more than six course credits per semester. The program is modular with teaching taking place during intensive courses 0830-1700 Wednesday-Saturday. The program is not suitable for full-time students.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a broad range of competencies that are needed for: planning, managing and evaluating healthcare services; disease prevention; designing and delivering health promotion programs; and conducting health research
  • Demonstrate the skills, attributes and competencies required to pursue a career in clinical or epidemiological research
  • Understand the importance of lifelong learning skills necessary for professional development
  • Understand and work within the legal and ethical frameworks which govern medical practice
  • Demonstrate personal and professional behaviour consistent with standards of medical practice required for competent, safe patient and community care
  • Demonstrate the skills required to work effectively as part of a healthcare team.

Degree Requirements

Required Credit Hours : minimum 34 hours

Public Health Major

Required Courses (18.00 hours)

Credit Hours
CMPH601Fundamentals of Public Health2.00
CMPH602Biostatistics I2.00
CMPH603Epidemiological Methods2.00
CMPH606Health Promotion and Disease Prevention2.00
CMPH609Introduction to Public Health2.00
CMPH614Public Health Assignments I2.00
CMPH616Public Health Assignments II2.00
CMPH623Public Health Assignments III2.00
CMPH629Skills for Public Health Practice2.00

Optional Modules (Not offered every year) (18.00 hours)

Credit Hours
CMPH604Health Care Evaluation and Needs Assessment2.00
CMPH605Public Health Management2.00
CMPH607Health Protection2.00
CMPH613Occupational Health2.00
CMPH615Clinical Epidemiology2.00
CMPH617Environmental Public Health2.00
CMPH723Current Issues in Public Health2.00
CMPH622Chronic Disease Epidemiology2.00
CMPH627Maternal and Child Health2.00
CMPH628Global Health2.00
CMPH633Advanced Public Health2.00
CMPH708Advanced Biostatistics 1.00
CMPH707Advanced Epidemiology Methods2.00
CMPH709Advanced Environmental Health 2.00