CMHS Alumni Association has been established to enhance a continuing relationship between the College of Medicine and Health Sciences (CMHS), UAEU University and its alumni. The first batch of graduated from CMHS was in 1993. Since 1993, more than 900 medical students have graduated of whom two third are female and one third are male. All CMHS graduates are considered a member in the alumni by default. Our vision is to model physician responsibility to medical education and service to community through collaboration. Our mission is to foster an active, lifelong fellowship among alumni through mutual service and support with the CMHS.

Our objectives are

  • To keep in touch with the former students and promote contacts between them, and to promote the image of CMHS.
  • To provide current students and alumni with opportunities to relate with one another, to participate in continuing education programs, and to stay informed about CMHS.
  • To serve as a bridge between the University and the alumni in their professional careers.
  • To promote the contribution of alumni as ambassadors of CMHS and as active partners in the attraction of future students.
Oct 27, 2014