The College of Medicine and Health Sciences provides its students and faculty with world-class facilities that include:

Research Labs

Research laboratories at the CMHS are provided with the necessary infrastructure and resources including state-of-the-art equipment and technologies in addition to running a store for general consumables, chemical reagents and kits. Research in our laboratories is also supported by developing and maintaining central research facilities such as the Imaging Unit, Analytical and a Molecular Unit, a Cellular Biology facility in addition to the Animal Vivarium Unit.

Research Animal Facility

The research animal facility at the CMHS is probably one of it’s kind in the UAE. The aim of the facility is to support a proper, safe, and humane research effort by providing controlled environments for the care and maintenance of experimental animals. more..

Anatomy Dissecting Laboratory

The Anatomy Dissecting Laboratory is a key teaching facility for the training of medical students in Gross Anatomy. The Dissecting Room caters for undergraduate as well as postgraduate medical students. It is opened to students after regular classes.

The Dissecting laboratory has three large rooms and many other storage areas. It has several stainless steel tables for the display of whole cadavers or parts of the body. It also has many cabinets where original bones, plastic models and prosections of joints, upper and lower limbs, thorax, abdomen, pelvis and perineum are held. The Dissecting Laboratory also houses a small collection of different stages of the embryonic development. In addition, it contains sagittal sections of the whole body that are neatly displayed in Perspex glass frames. The skeleton and its parts are also available for student use. X-ray films and MRI scans of different parts of the body with X-ray viewers, books and videos are also available to aid student learning of the use of anatomy in clinical medicine. The Dissecting Laboratory contains an excellent collection of coronal, sagittal and frontal sections of the human brain. The Anatomy Dissecting Laboratory is equipped with computers, TV monitors and projectors to facilitate computer-based and e-learning.

Basic Science Teaching Labs

These are Multidisciplinary Labs where the undergraduate practicals are conducted. Students from first to fourth year in the College of Medicine & Health Sciences utilize this facility. The labs are provided with modern de-fuming chambers, gas detectors and a high quality gas and compressed air supply system. They are spacious enough to accommodate around thirty students at a time. Biochemistry, Physiology and Pharmacology departments conduct practicals regularly using these Labs.

The facility is provided with high quality lab infrastructure. All the labs are under the computer network, with Internet surfing facility. Lab equipment are highly modernized which enables the students to adjust to any sophisticated lab elsewhere. A number of computer-based practicals have been introduced which enable the students to keep pace with the fast growing involvement of computers in education. Animal usage as subjects has been noticeably reduced. Instead highly protected and safe gadgets are being directly used on human subjects. The labs are supplied with modern recording and data collection systems.

Microscopy Lab

These are located on the second floor of the block-D. Two of these labs have low benches suitable for microscopy work. The third is a tall bench lab. Anatomy, Pathology and Microbiology departments utilize these labs. Apart from the labs, the area is provided with storage rooms, chemical stores and a pathology museum and office space.

The microscopy labs are provided with an adequate number of good quality microscopes. The students have the advantage of handling microscopes individually. The microscopy labs are also equipped with a high resolution CCTV system along with a computer aided image analysis system.

Computer Labs

The College has 3 well equipped computer labs. Each lab has 31 networked computers including an instructor computer. The instructor computers are connected to a projector/smartboard. Computer based courses including statistics, computer based laboratory teaching, online library search tools etc. are engaged in these labs.

Clinical Skills Simulation and Training Center

The Center is situated on the ground floor of the College of Medicine and Health Sciences building. This 20,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art Medical Simulation Center provides opportunities for training in clinical skills, communication skills and procedural skills for students, residents and practicing doctors, in a safe learning environment without any risk to the patient. The center has many high-fidelity and low-fidelity simulators, task trainers and standardized patient programs. A team of multi- disciplinary faculty runs clinical skills sessions and courses in the center. The center also hosts multi-disciplinary clinical assessments (OSCE) of the College of Medicine & Health Sciences and the overseas Royal College examinations and Arab Board examinations.

Evaluation & Assessment Center

A world standard assessment center as per international guidelines is available in the College for conducting assessments online. The center has a seating capacity of 180 candidates at a time. The center has its own server room, reception, waiting area, locker facilities and washroom facilities. The center is divided into two blocks to facilitate gender segregation as well. The center is setup as per international standards and is an authorized person test center. Other than the in-house CMHS student examinations, many external examination including the licensing examination for medical professionals are held here.

Auditorium and Theatres

The College of Medicine & Health Sciences has one big multipurpose auditorium and two theatres which can be utilized for educational activity for internal as well as external users. The Khalifa Auditorium accessible from the main entrance to the building can host 660 participants at a time. The auditorium is equipped with stage lighting, amplified audio and a big screen projector. The two theatres Yanah Theatre and Fatima Theatre are suited for small groups. They can host 120 participants each. The theatres have desks along with seats and microphones and are ideal for seminars/presentations.

National Medical Library

The National Medical Library at the College of Medicine and Health Sciences (CMHS), is the first medical library in the United Arab Emirates .The primary mission of the library is to provide medical students and all health professionals in the community with current information and medical resources and to support teaching and research at the College. Find out about the National Medical Library’s collections, services and facilities here.

Jan 14, 2015